Sunday, January 19, 2014

Trees 01182014

(note- tried to overlay some gnarled trees in the pic.....the poem that is italicized goes with the gnarled trees)

Trees in my yard
Front and back

     Gnarled trunks
     Spindly branches

Leafy and green
Never out of whack

     Reaching to the sky
    Hidden in the dark

Shady in the summer
When the sun shines bright

     Black and grey
     Often ignored

Bare in the winter
When the cold winds bite

    No protection given
    No protection gained

Home to the birds
Home to the squirrels

     Destined to be lonely
     Never to be seen
Safe and sound
When the wind swirls

     Bent and curled
    Grasping at the earth

Standing straight
Roots deep in the earth

    Bent and twisted
    Never royalty to be 

Majestic trunks
With large round girths

     Saddness and sorrow
     Flows from the heart

Happiness over flows
When looking at the trees

     So glad they can't be seen
     So glad to just melt away

So sad for those
Who can't see the trees.


  1. its the gnarly, bent and twisted trees i rather like...i can relate to them you know....smiles...the trees def contribute to my happiness, nice subtle play in the end to the forest for the trees...

  2. Great contrast between those stanzas... and I think it says as much about humans as about trees...