Wednesday, January 15, 2014


A matrix is like life.

If I turn right, will I be right                                                                 
Or if I turn left will I be right 
Or if I turn right will I be wrong 
And if I turn left will I be right? 

Or are both directions wrong for me
Or are both directions right for me.  

And if I have a friend along, 
If I turn right, and he turns left, 
Who will be right and who will be wrong, 
Or if we both turn right or we both turn left, 
Again what will the out come be. 

No one will know until they play the game.
And in the Dance of Life game with our friends and ourselves

A matrix is formed.

***note****was helping my son who is in college visualize a matrix in words and this is what I came up with....


  1. I suppose which ever direction we take, it is right.

  2. no one will know til they play that game...very true...we will never know if a turn is righ until we take it....

  3. Found this funny. If you think too much, you never do. Ciao