Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beachy Sandy Feet

Running to the waters edge
Hot sandy feet
Waves splash coolly
Fish nibble tickley
Cool sand comforts
Standing gazing
Not wanting to leave.

No chair to sit in
Sun is glaring
Crabs are biting
Feet are cold and wet
No towels, no shoes
Sand sucking at our feet
Need to leave. 

Copyrighted 2014
Songs of My Heart


  1. ah nice..that captures both sides of the medal well.. would love to be at the beach right now with some fish nibbling at my feet but then the crabs and cold water can spoil the fun a bit...nicely done

  2. Oh, I definitely see the contrasts there.I enjoyed the contrast between the first and second stanza & can empathize really. The beach can definitely have its pros and cons. I enjoy the beach for a while, but then after a while I realize I have had enough. Today, however, I just wish right now that it would be BEACH weather here. LOL.

  3. ha. considering i was out in 7 degree weather all night...i would not mind the scorching heat..but i hear you...there comes a point when too much of a good thing can be bad...sand in the bathing suit is the worst...smiles....yep you got both sides in this...

  4. Ouch.. just the picture of barefoot in the water makes me shiver... But it's less wintery where you are...

  5. Shows how transient our pleasures are - nice contrast.

  6. Nice one. Definitely two sides of the beach!

  7. In fact strangely enough, I prefer the beach in winter because it is far less crowded and not so hot. Yet I agree that bathing in the sea after a hot day is pretty cool.

  8. I love the feeling of sand sucking at my feet.

  9. I see no contrast between the two verses. *smile* Definitely I believe I am a little envious of your climate. But you have scary snakes and spiders and scorpions. We have not. We only have the viper, and it is not deadly. As a matter of fact. What is deadly to us, is the weather. But we cope. We are VIKINGS. *smile* And we have bubble baths ...

  10. you forgot the no-see-ums, those little bugs chase me away. Maybe how we feel is related to who we are with.

  11. lovely sea-shore feel...

  12. Beauty and comfort, joy and regret, this makes you want to touch the waves and embrace the day