Saturday, November 16, 2013

Poetics - Sci-Fi 11/16/13

New Horizons

Cold and dark
So far from home
Will I ever feel the sun again?

The end has happened
But you cannot see
The heavens obscure the horror.

Onward though to a new beginning
Starting over, ever so sure.
Leave the hate, bring the love.

No monsters, only us
Beings...human, alien and more
Together forever bound.


  1. It is good that out of the horror CAN arise a new beginning.

  2. Love the sense of a brave new world... so entangled in Science Fiction... almost a Thomas Moore feeling in this...

  3. I like that onward to a new beginning ~ Nice to meet you ~

  4. I love the thought of many species living together in harmony. And a new start, away from planet Earth might not be so bad, if the hate can be left behind.

  5. There's just something about the sun...

  6. you know...i wonder if it would be worth the horror if it was what brought us is hope that we dont have to go to that in order to face a better future shared...

  7. kind of inspires me to do a photo shoot based off this. i like it