Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bound To This Earth

Stock Photo of a Path  to Toketee Falls, Oregon
Down the path
I do trod
Always bound to this earth
By you and to you
With an unseen rope
Always near but never seen,

We've love since the beginning of time
And even though we move through time and space
Layer upon layer,
Our love is never realized.

In and out of time we go
Always seeking, always looking
But never finding.

How long will it go on
How long shall we wait
Til the end of life, til the end of time?


  1. to be bound together but never really together, how agonizing that must be...almost as much as having to wait...patience is not my strong point...smiles...

  2. i spent so much of my life in these
    three lines, luckily i was finally found.

    such truthful poetry, so well written, ty.